Sterling Banned For Life


This is similar to sentencing a 72 year old ex-nazi to 150 years in prison unless it includes the “next” life.


The average life expectancy for a white male in the US is 76.9 years. 


A $2.5 million dollar fine? Chump change. Sterling spent more than that on his now estranged girl friend;


A Ferrari, TWO Bentleys and a $1.4MILLION apartment. 


Bottom line, racism is so embedded into this society that there’s very little that anyone is willing to do to  address it in any meaningful way. 


The actions taken by the NBA has nothing to do with racism in sports, but all to do with not hurting the bottom line. Sponsors leaving, players protesting, fans leaving. The other owners being called out for their racist and discriminatory practices. 


That’s what the establishment is trying to head off.


Slapping an old man on the wrist is not even a good start to addressing racism in sports.  

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