Pope Francis to the 1%; you reap what you sow.

Pope Francis removes ‘bling bishop’ | Al Jazeera America

Looks like Francis is not backing down on using Jesus’s playbook in leading Catholics down the path of salvation. I just wonder how many of the 1% will come along willingly? 

The “money gobblers” are not an easy crowd to play to; even for the Pope. If they get the least bit uncomfortable with this “give till it hurts” approach to living the right life they start to unravel. First come the nuances about  making generous donations for self-serving projects like remodeling a cathedral that usually comes with a nice tax write off and how that might all go somewhere else. Churches are scrambling to scoop up fallen rich Catholics; especially the “prosperity gospel crowd.”

As a Catholic it is indeed refreshing to finally see a Pope walking the talk. Let’s hope some of his genuineness rubs off on politicians like Obama who, for the most part, got the talk down pat but are lousy at doing the walk. 

As for the “special” people who think they are above it all and have been blessed, my guess is they will continue doing whats best for them and to hell with the Pope. Buying the 1st class ticket to heaven is the only hope they have and my guess is 1st class has been converted to coach. 

There is still hope, however, since both Jesus and the Pope are know to be compassionate and forgiving. 

All the 1% need to do to get back in God’s good graces is following the guidelines Pope Francis laid out in;



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