humpty dumpty fell off the wall and broke

This clown pushes arrogance to new highs.




Takes taxpayer dollars to hire his own attorneys who then exonerate him. OMG! FTF! BSC!




How these people are ever elected to office still remains a mystery to me. Is it that no sane person wants the job? Or is it the power brokers need unstable people because they are easier to manipulate?


Or is it that Americans are so dumbed down (just plain stupid) that they mistake reality with fiction?




Christy is an overstuffed sociopath that makes for great news cycles and great fodder for night show comedians. Putting him in a position that requires trust and common sense? Please!




What we see is what we get. A giant pain in the ass that needs to go away before he does any more damage to a political system that has fast become a breeding ground for full blown wackos.






Chris Christie Says Port Authority Chairman Has Resigned

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