MS. NRA 2014

Meet the NRA pin up for 2014!




This person is definitely NRA material. Took out half of her town (which were mostly family members) starting with an “all american” gun and, after running out of ammo, finished off a few more with a knife.


She’s all about the 2nd Amendment and literally enforcing it without giving it a second thought. As for the 1st? Not so much since a single digit IQ limits her ability to say much ans mainly sticks to basic “jail house” jargon.


We’re told she voted for Sarah Palin in the last presidential election.


Her favorite TV shows? Honey BooBoo and Duck Dynasty both of which she can relate to big time.


After conducting polls in Florida and Texas she won the “person of the year” nomination hands down.


Americans will be flocking to their flat screens for the next few weeks if only to get a glimpse of yet another candidate for the American Hall of Wackos!


Also rumors a new reality TV show may be in the works.



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