A bimbo and her flame for the day take pics with their knickers down and then later she gives the phone to a store clerk with the promise that the data will be deleted. Now it turns out some naughty clerk decided to post a few of the pics online before hitting the delete button and our amateur wanna-be porn stars are overnight celebs.


Rather than being grateful for all the free publicity, the bimbo and flame sue and blame everyone but themselves for what appears to be a dumb move on their part. Here’s the dumb part;


She did not delete the data herself because she wanted the Sprint employee to transfer her phone numbers to her new device, the suit says.


UH?  You want to save phone numbers by leaving 5,000 pics on your smartphone; including the “boff” shots?  Were the phone numbers embedded in the photo gallery?  5,000 pics on a cell phone? Seriously? 


Blaming (and suing) someone because of your own stupidity is pushing the envelope when it comes to personal responsibility, isn’t it? Sort of like suing the toilet paper manufacturer because you ended up staining your panties.

Same goes for leaving pics of you and lover boy posing on a device you “give” to someone to recycle.

According to the complaint, Johnson went to a Sprint branch on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles last April to exchange a cell phone with microphone problems for a newer model. Her old phone had more than 5,000 photos on it, including “intimate and private nude photos” of herself and Green that she had forgotten about, the suit states.

Johnson was promised by Sprint officials that the phone she was turning in would be wiped clean of all information before being sent to a factory for refurbishing last May, according to the lawsuit. She did not delete the data herself because she wanted the Sprint employee to transfer her phone numbers to her new device, the suit says.

Sprint Corp. Sued Today


Even though aiding and abetting someone in doing something illegal is a crime it is conveniently neatly covered up by establishing laws that make disclosing these crimes illegal.  






The crime? Tax evasion!


26 U.S. Code § 7201 – Attempt to evade or defeat tax
Any person who willfully attempts in any manner to evade or defeat any tax imposed by this title or the payment thereof shall, in addition to other penalties provided by law, be guilty of a felony and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not more than $100,000 ($500,000 in the case of a corporation), or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both, together with the costs of prosecution.



The perps? Hundreds of Thousands of wealthy Americans.

From 2006, when scrutiny of Swiss private banks first began, through 2011, the number of American taxpayers disclosing offshore accounts more than doubled, to 618,134, according to data from FinCen, the U.S. Treasury branch that deals with money laundering. 

Still, government officials and tax lawyers say that with perhaps six million Americans living and working overseas somewhere in the world, hundreds of thousands of taxpayers, if not more, have yet to come clean.The deal is already leaving telephones of tax lawyers ringing off the hooks from Americans with Swiss accounts.

“Any non-compliant U.S. taxpayer who can’t read the handwriting now on the wall as an emergency signal to come forward,” said Katzberg, “is legally blind.”



The aiders and abetters? The banks!


Credit Suisse bankers wooed wealthy American clients at bank-sponsored events such as an annual Swiss Ball in New York or golf tournaments in Florida and Nassau, Bahamas, according to the report. Almost 10,000 U.S. clients visited a branch office at Zurich airport given the code name “SIOA5.”


Dougan told the committee that “the airport office was needed because many U.S. clients traveled to Switzerland to go skiing” and didn’t want to go into Zurich.


One client with a $2.6 million account recounted his annual meeting with a Credit Suisse banker. When he arrived at the bank, the client took an elevator with no buttons that was controlled remotely. He met the banker in a nondescript, white meeting room. After each meeting, the client signed an order to destroy account statements they reviewed and declined offers to withdraw cash, according to the report.



What is amazing is that this has been going on in plain sight for years and no one seemed the least bit interested or concerned about it. Even now that it is finally being brought to light there seems to be very little interest in putting a stop to it and absolutely no indication that anyone will be charged or prosecuted for these crimes. 


A few slaps on the wrists. A publicized scolding by a few news hungry politicians. Some apologies and claims of ignorance (wink-nod, wink-nod) and let’s move on now folks. Nothing here. 


That’s the way 1% justice works in this country. Thousands of people, stealing billions of dollars from the American public.Worse case scenario; they will be offered amnesty if they come forward, pay a small fine, and promise to not do it again. Tough justice indeed!


Blow hard politicians like to proclaim we are a “country of laws” which is what makes us great while in the very next breath literally flush all of rhetoric down the toilet and continue to pander to the rich and famous by blindly condoning crimes that damage the country and it’s citizens. 


A nation is only a nation of laws if it enforces those laws. Lip service and flag waving falls far short of that goal.

MS. NRA 2014

Meet the NRA pin up for 2014!




This person is definitely NRA material. Took out half of her town (which were mostly family members) starting with an “all american” gun and, after running out of ammo, finished off a few more with a knife.


She’s all about the 2nd Amendment and literally enforcing it without giving it a second thought. As for the 1st? Not so much since a single digit IQ limits her ability to say much ans mainly sticks to basic “jail house” jargon.


We’re told she voted for Sarah Palin in the last presidential election.


Her favorite TV shows? Honey BooBoo and Duck Dynasty both of which she can relate to big time.


After conducting polls in Florida and Texas she won the “person of the year” nomination hands down.


Americans will be flocking to their flat screens for the next few weeks if only to get a glimpse of yet another candidate for the American Hall of Wackos!


Also rumors a new reality TV show may be in the works.



When it comes to the justice system and accountability there is a wide gap on how it’s doled out when it comes to the 1% and the test of us.


A few weeks ago we saw a rich teenager get off with a year in a rehab resort after plowing his vehicle into 4 people; killing all 4 and leaving 2 of the passengers in his vehicle seriously injured. 


The judge determined that the kid was just too rich to be held accountable for his actions because he suffered from a severe case of “affluenza.” 


Now comes the DUI trial of a member of the renowned (and rich) Kennedy clan. There’s a cadre of well paid attorneys who will flood the courtroom with nauseating rationals as to why this person should not be held accountable for her actions. 


The trial opened with what is to be expected to go on ad-nausea even though the judge may try to quell the vitriol as he did today; 

“This case is about a mistake, plain and simple,” defense attorney Gerald Lefcourt said in his opening statement at Westchester County Court.

“She certainly didn’t know at any time while driving that she had accidentally taken the Zolpidem, because the evidence will show that this person, Kerry Kennedy, would in a heartbeat, if she thought anything was wrong, pull over.”

But when Lefcourt began describing Kennedy to the jury as a devoted mother of three daughters, a human rights heroine and a deeply religious woman devoted to doing charity work, Supreme Court Judge Robert Neary interrupted the halo burnishing and told him to get to the point.

Read more:

Granted there is nothing novel about this defense but, when it comes to the outcome the difference comes down to one thing; money. If you take the same case for anyone in a lower economic class, circumstances regarding “accountability” would not be an issue. Commit the crime – do the time. Don’t agree? Take a look at the prison population (highest in the world by the way) and then let’s debate the issue.

Simply put this society is layered in “hypocrisy” and the people at the top of the economic pile are the worse offenders. 
Pope Francis recently fired the first volley across the bow of this fortress the 1% have built around their wealth;  Pope Francis: Be True Witnesses, Not ‘Pure Legalists
Pope Francis reflected on different models of Christian witness, warning the faithful to guard against hypocrisy when they evangelize and encouraging them to imitate Jesus.

“Let us ask the Lord that these two readings help us in our lives as Christians,” said the Pope in reference to the day’s Scripture passages, encouraging the faithful to learn “not to be pure legalists, hypocrites, like the scribes and Pharisees … but to be like Jesus, with that zeal to seek people.”

Read more:

What Francis is saying is that it’s time for those who profess to be movers and shakers and the best of the best (including the church) to become accountable and in essence “walk the talk”.

When it comes to the 1% there’s a Bucket List already in place;

The hypocrisy is spread evenly among corporations, Congress, and free-market apologists, all of whom insult and imperil average Americans with their double standards. Here’s the list;


Just like those “special” people who preach “prosperity gospel” (God says buy me a Rolex cause I’m special) the Catholic church also has it’s hare of the “holy” 1%.

Now that Francis has stepped ointo Peter’s shoes he has made it clear that the Catholic church doesn’t take to kindly towards those who their noses at Jesus’s teachings. 


Francis is committed to “walking the talk” and going back to basics; no more Prada’s and palaces for those who truly want to follow Jesus. This obviously doesn’t play too well among the more “affluent” nations like the USA where some of the more outspoken (and obviously arrogant and narcissistic) folks like to throw money at the Church in return for redemption rather than do the “work” God assigned to them. 


Francis; with God’s blessing, is beginning to weed out these pesky “special” people and literally saying it’s either Jesus’s way or the highway. 


Here’s an example of what Francis has to contend with; the rational used by this Prince of the Church is breathtaking. The idea that a religious organization who’s mission has been clearly set out in the Bible (Jesus) would have the role models basking in palaces like pigs in puddles  is not what Jesus had in mind does not even occur to them. 


In response to considerable criticism of Myers, spokesman Jim Goodness, said the addition will have “no impact” on archdiocese finances, explaining that the cost will be covered by the sale of other church-owned properties.


Instead of building schools and shelters for the poor let’s sell off church assets and build a palace for the CEO! This isn’t a case of a few sheep losing their way. This is the Sheppard who obviously lives in a bubble where only the 1% exist where schools and shelters don’t even exist and swimming pools and home elevators take priority. 


Catholic archdiocese closes school citing lack of funds, then builds lavish vacation home for bishop




Pope Francis has galvanized many people inside and outside the Catholic church with critiques of the destructive excesses of capitalism, and his own decision to forgo living in the Apostolic Palace at the Vatican in favor of more modest accommodations with other members of the clergy.

Such efforts, even if largely symbolic in their impact, have not been embraced by others in the Catholic hierarchy.

Two years after closing a school citing a lack of funds, an archdiocese in New Jersey is building a lavish addition to a retirement home for its archbishop.

As the New Jersey Star-Ledger reports, Newark Archbishop John J. Myers’ current “weekend residence” is a 4,500-square foot luxury home with five bedrooms, three full bathrooms, a three-car garage and a large outdoor pool.

But Myers has commissioned a 3,000-square foot expansion in anticipation of his retirement in two years. The addition will include an indoor exercise pool, a hot tub, three fireplaces, a library and an elevator.

time for waiting is over; baby steps


Looks like the American Middle Class may soon be off life support and transferred out of ICU.


The signs are subtle but remarkably clear. Americans want to return America back to Americans.


What better place to start than with our country’s flag;


US Military Bans ‘Made In China’ American Flags



California Rep. Mike Thompson, a Vietnam War veteran and Purple Heart recipient, wrote the legislation that requires any flag purchased by the Defense Department to be 100-percent made in America.
“I am proud to have worked to pass this law so that our men and women in uniform never have to fight under a U.S. flag made overseas, and so that our Defense Department never again spends American tax dollars on a U.S. flag made overseas,” Thompson said to CBS News.



A small gesture? Yes. But like the “shot hat was heard around the world” this might be the start of something big. Like direct sunlight on vampires the “profits first” 1% will be running helter-skelter for the nearest cave if next years Congress passes a 2014 version of the tried and true way to protect this country from literately being sucked dry of it’s wealth and resources by a handful of “fangers” who have on more than one occasion proven themselves to be extremely dangerous if left to their own devices.


Greedy, self-centered, powerful sociopaths have been around since the beginning of Creation (either version) and over time have managed to evolve into (I use the term loosely) into money mongering vultures who feed on others for nothing more than self gratification.


In recent times this small group of bottom feeders have been able to bring this country to it’s knees and on the brink of financial Armageddon with little or no consequences; having achieved (by hook and by crook) the status that only lepers once held; untouchable. “Too big” to fail or jail. They have succeeded in making mindless zombies of our our judicial system all the way to the “top 9” who recently granted “person-hood” to entities; allowing them to literally buy our political system and the government it represents.


Our citizens have been rendered helpless and forced into some warped form of slavery where; like hamsters on a wheel, can do nothing more than spend their lives spinning in circles.


There was a time in our history when one-liners like the “American Dream” or “Equality” and “Freedom” were more than just slogans on pillow cases and bumper stickers.


Our titans of industry who built the country on a foundation of Capitalism promised and delivered prosperity for everyone, not a select few at the top. Poster boys for capitalism like Henry Ford believed that the only way for the country to grow and prosper was if everyone grew and prospered in the process; from the CEO down to the janitor who cleaned their toilets.


The message was clear;



There is one rule for the industrialist and that is: Make the best quality of goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible.


The minimum wage in Ford’s day (1914) was $5.00 an hour or $22.00 an hour in today’s dollars. 


Unlike today’s corporate class Ford and others like him actually worked in the businesses they built; not from a board room in some Ivory tower high above the assembly lines, but down on the ground floor.


Ford and others like him had no illusion that the corporate giants they ran were created by magic because if some innate “talent” they inherited from above; unlike the Blankfein’s of today claiming to be a prophet from doing “God’s work.”


Ford, and others like him, wrote the manual on how capitalism works best in a free market economy. This article straight out of a 1914 edition of the New York Times tells it all;

Ford Motor Company, announced today one of the most remarkable business moves of his entire remarkable career. In brief it is:

To give to the employees of the company $10,000,000 of the profits of the 1914 business, the payments to be made semi-monthly and added to the pay checks.

To run the factory continuously instead of only eighteen hours a day, giving employment to several thousand more men by employing three shifts of eight hours each, instead of only two nine-hour shifts, as at present.

To establish a minimum wage scale of $5 per day. Even the boy who sweeps up the floors will get that much.

Before any man in any department of the company who does not seem to be doing good work shall be discharged, an opportunity will be given to him to try to make good in every other department. No man shall be discharged except for proved unfaithfulness or irremediable inefficiency.

The Ford Company’s financial statement of Sept. 20, 1912, showed assets of $20,815,785.63, and surplus of $14,745,095.57. One year later it showed assets of $35,033,919.86 and surplus of $28,124,173.68. Dividends paid out during the year, it is understood, aggregated $10,000,000. The indicated profits for the year, therefore, were about $37,597,312. The company’s capital stock authorized and outstanding, is $2,000,000. There is no bond issue.

About 10 per cent of the employees, boys and women, will not be affected by the profit sharing, but all will have the benefit of the $5 minimum wage. Those among them who are supporting families, however, will have a share similar to the men of more than 22 years of age.

In all, about 26,000 employees will be affected. Fifteen thousand now are at work in the Detroit factories. Four thousand more will be added by the institution of the eight-hour shift. The other seven thousand employees are scattered all over the world, in the Ford branches. They will share the same as the Detroit employees.

Personal statements were made by Henry Ford and James Couzens, Treasurer of the company, regarding the move.

“It is our belief,” said Mr. Couzens, “that social justice begins at home. We want those who have helped us to produce this great institution and are helping to maintain it to share our prosperity. We want them to have present profits and future prospects. Thrift and good service and sobriety, all will be enforced and recognized.

“Believing as we do, that a division of our earnings between capital and labor is unequal, we have sought a plan of relief suitable for our business. We do not feel sure that it is the best, but we have felt impelled to make a start, and make it now. 


We do not agree with those employers who declare, as did a recent writer in a magazine in excusing himself for not practicing what he preached, that ‘movement toward the bettering of society must be universal.’ 


We think that one concern can make a start and create an example for other employers. That is our chief object.”







So, to the 1% to 5% class; especially those 85 who own a 1/3 of the planet, I say;





Follow the Ford model of capitalism. 


As for those in the 1% -10% who think that “equality” and “profit sharing” are evil communist-socialist, tyranical attempts to rob them of their hard earned wealth, I say, step back, take a deep breath and in the words of Francis (a true follower of Jesus and Christian teachings this country was founded on;


Francis decried an “idolatry of money” in secular culture and warned that it would lead to “a new tyranny.” 

“Some people continue to defend trickle-down theories which assume that economic growth, encouraged by a free market, will inevitably succeed in bringing about greater justice and inclusiveness in the world,” 


Francis wrote in the papal statement. “This opinion, which has never been confirmed by the facts, expresses a crude and naive trust in the goodness of those wielding economic power and in the sacra­lized workings of the prevailing economic system.”

“Meanwhile,” he added, “the excluded are still waiting.”


To those who want to keep Americans waiting I say let’s go back to;


PLAN “B”  THE DREADED EPT!  (garlic for vampires, if you will)


In the United States, an excess profits tax is a tax, some say excise tax, on any profit above a certain amount. A predominantly wartime fiscal instrument, the tax was designed primarily to capture wartime profits that exceeded normal peacetime profits.[citation needed]


In 1863 the Confederate congress and the state of Georgia experimented with excess profits taxes, perhaps, the first time it has happened in American history. The first effective national excess profits tax was enacted in 1917, with rates graduated from 20 to 60 percent on the profits of all businesses in excess of prewar earnings but not less than 7 percent or more than 9 percent of invested capital. In 1918 a national law limited the tax to corporations and increased the rates. Concurrent with this 1918 tax, the federal government imposed, for the year 1918 only, an alternative tax, ranging up to 80 percent, with the taxpayer paying whichever was higher. In 1921 the excess profits tax was repealed despite powerful attempts to make it permanent. In 1933 and 1935 Congress enacted two mild excess profits taxes as supplements to a capital stock tax.


The crisis of World War II led Congress to pass four excess profits statutes between 1940 and 1943. The 1940 rates ranged from 25 to 50 percent and the 1941 ones from 35 to 60 percent. In 1942 a flat rate of 90 percent was adopted, with a postwar refund of 10 percent; in 1943 the rate was increased to 95 percent, with a 10 percent refund. Congress gave corporations two alternative excess profits tax credit choices: either 95 percent of average earnings for 1936–1939 or an invested capital credit, initially 8 percent of capital but later graduated from 5 to 8 percent. In 1945 Congress repealed the tax, effective 1 January 1946. The Korean War induced Congress to reimpose an excess profits tax, effective from 1 July 1950 to 31 December 1953. The tax rate was 30 percent of excess profits with the top corporate tax rate rising from 45% to 47%, a 70 percent ceiling for the combined corporation and excess profits taxes.


In 1991 some members of Congress sought unsuccessfully to pass an excess profits tax of 40 percent upon the larger oil companies as part of energy policy. Some social reformers have championed a peacetime use of the excess profits tax, but such proposals face strong opposition from businesses and some economists, who argue that it would create a disincentive to capital investment.


Let’s see if it’s time for Americans to take back America. The wait may be over.