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American capitalism is about making money and the medical profession is not immune. Their credo was “do no harm” and is now “make a profit.” 


So, it should come as no surprise that money is the motivating factor when it comes to performing C-sections rather than letting mothers go full term. 


Money May Be Motivating Doctors To Do More C-Sections : NPR

Obstetricians perform more cesarean sections when there are financial incentives to do so, according to a new study that explores links between economic incentives and medical decision-making during childbirth.

About 1 in 3 babies born today is delivered via C-section, compared to 1 in 5 babies delivered via the surgical procedure in 1996. During the same time period, the annual medical costs of childbirth in the U.S. have grown by $3 billion annually. There are significant variations in the rate of cesarean deliveries in different parts of the country — in Louisiana, for example, the C-section rate is nearly twice as high as in Alaska.



Johann Wagener 8-30-13


Only in America would a tax dodger brag about ripping off their country and calling it just good old Capitalism.


Google avoided $2bn tax by funnelling profits through Bermunda – Telegraph


The American internet giant, whose company motto is “Don’t be Evil”, swept $9.8bn of revenues from international subsidiaries into Bermuda last year. The figure, which is equates to around 80pc of its total pre-tax profits, is nearly twice as big as it was three years ago, according to Bloomberg.


If a good old average American taxpayer were to take what’s owed in taxes and ship it off to Bermuda they would find themselves being shipped off to jail and branded a tax dodger not praised as a patriotic capitalist. 


So, please, tell me how this works. How come it’s different for the Scmidts (Google) of this world than it is for the rest of us poor working slobs? Oh! I think I know! I just remembered who wrote the tax code.


What responsible capitalism is all about


A choice between an “irresponsible capitalism” which sees huge gaps between the richest and the poorest, power concentrated in a few hands, and people are just in it for the fast buck whatever the consequences.

And a “responsible capitalism”, and this is an agenda being led by business, where companies pursues profit but we also have a equal society, power is in the hands of the many and where we recognise our responsibilities to each other.


Johann Wagener 8-30-13

We like to think we have come a long way from those days when we lived in caves, wore animal skins, carried clubs and sticks, killing and eating whatever we could and roaming this terra forma we call earth looking for ways to survive. We were know as cavemen back then and now seen as primitive creatures with very little to brag about. 

So how far have we come? And how much have we evolved? 

A little reflection will reveal that we have actually have regressed and become more primitive than our ancestors. Not on the outside; well at least not all of us. We have turned in the animal skins for droopy jeans and baggy shirts. We’ve shaved, waxed, or quaffed the body hairs and sprayed away most of the smell, but underneath it all we are much darker and brutal at heart than our primitive ancestors. 
Rather than killing to survive we kill to entertain ourselves. We devote countless hours and billion of dollars to creating and participating in savage-like rituals that satiate our lust for blood and brutally maim or kill others of our kind in the process. 

The recent NFL pay-off of almost a $1 Billion (which is chump change in a $10 Billion industry) to avoid having to disclose all the dirty little secrets about how these sharp/slick “business people” effectively dupe young and not so bright kids into playing “gladiator” and hiding the truth about the price they will pay; with both their health and sometimes lives. 

How can we say that a society that condones and endorses this barbaric behavior has progressed from those days when we lived in caves? That’s something to think about before sitting down with your friends, family, and especially the kids, to stare at a 50″ HDTV spectacle where full grown men chase each other up and down a field mutilating and battering each other over a piece of pig skin. Really? Is there anything better you could do with your time?

You can bet that those people that rake in all that cash hope you don’t wise up any time soon. 

Explaining the N.F.L. Settlement

The size and scope of the proposed $765 million settlement between the N.F.L. and the more than 4,500 retired players who sued the league, claiming it had hid information about the dangers of head trauma, are likely to be debated. But, as in other such deals, each side had ample reason to compromise.


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Imagine that! Fast food employees are asking for a raise! No! Not the CEO; his pay tripled without even having to ask:


NEW YORK — McDonald’s Corp. more than tripled the pay packages last year for its new CEO Don Thompson and the man he replaced, Jim Skinner.

The pay increases came at a challenging time for the world’s biggest hamburger chain. McDonald’s is facing intensifying competition, a trend toward healthier eating and weak economic conditions in many countries where it operates.

McDonald’s, based in Oak Brook, Ill., gave Thompson a package worth $13.8 million, up from the $4.1 million he received in 2011, according to a regulatory filing made Friday.

Skinner’s pay meanwhile rose to $27.7 million from $8.8 million the year before, reflecting a $10.2 million payment as part of his retirement under his contract agreement.

We are talking about the people who actually do the work that makes Mac Donald’s what is. Without the “working” people  Mac Donald’s would be nothing more than a set of Golden Arches with a clown under them. Yet the CEO claims that giving the heart of the company a raise would cut into profits; and it’s profits before people, of course. So, here’s a novel idea. 

How about the CEO (and all those other VIPS who they claim are too big to lose, take a pay cut? Instead of giving one man a $19 million pay raise how about dividing it up among (guess who)?

McDonald’s Server Would Have To Work 550 Years To Earn CEO’s Pay

In a stirring Bloomberg BusinessWeek article, Leslie Patton tells the story of one McDonald’s employee. His name is Tyree Johnson. The 44-year-old has worked at the fast food chain for two decades, yet still makes just $8.25 an hour, and doesn’t get 40 hours a week of work. So Johnson has jobs at two Chicago McDonald’s, scrubbing himself down in the bathroom between shifts, because he may be denied a raise if he smells bad. Twice a month he goes to church food pantries to stock up on cereal, soup and powdered milk.

Johnson would have to work for 1.1 million hours to earn the $8.8 million that McDonald’s CEO James Skinner was paid last year. If he worked for 40 hours a week, every week of the year, that would take five centuries. 

And the same goes for the rest of these slick cons who skim off most of the profits for themselves rather than sharing them with the folks that made it for them;
Retail And Fast Food: Fast-Growing Industries 
Opportunity is bright, profits are soaring, and the jobs are horribly paid. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, retail sales employed 4.5 million Americans in 2010, and fast food restaurants employed 2.1 million. The annual salaries for these jobs are $20,990 and $18,070, respectively. And these are no longer part-time jobs for teenagers; the vast majority of workers are in their 20s and older, and many of them are raising families.

Employers Are Organized To Keep Wages Low
The service industry, unlike manufacturing, has very little history of its workers organizing to demand better pay or hours. Restaurant chains, on the other hand, are very organized at keeping pay down. As Patton points out, restaurant chains and their franchisees spent at least $960,000 to fight minimum-wage increases in six states in 2006.

Income Inequality Widens
Between 1978 and 2011, worker compensation grew by 5.7 percent, according to an analysisby the the Economic Policy Institute, a think tank that advocates for lower-wage workers. In the same period, CEO compensation ballooned by 725 percent.

Below is a list of 11 of the biggest fast food and retail chains, along with how long an average low-level employee would need to work to make the amount his or her CEO took home last year. It seems the annual worth of one CEO is now equal to many other human beings’ lifetimes.

CEO compensation data are from the companies’ most recent Securities and Exchange Commission filings. Average employee salaries are from The number of years it would take an employee to earn the CEO’s compensation is based on working 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year. 


CEO Nigel Travis’ total compensation: $2.0 million

Crew member: $7.83 an hour

How long a crew member would have to work to make CEO annual pay: 250,000 hours or 120 years


CEO John Schnatter’s total compensation: $2.7 million.

Average delivery driver salary: $7.19 an hour.

How long a crew member would have to work to make CEO annual pay: 382,000 hours or 184 years.


CEO Richard Dreiling’s total compensation: $3,832,000.

Average sales associate salary: $7.62 an hour.

How long a crew member would have to work to make CEO annual pay: 503,000 hours or 242 years.


CEO Brian Dunn’s total compensation: $7.1 million.

Average sales associate salary: $9.73 an hour.

How long a crew member would have to work to make CEO annual pay: 730,000 hours or 350 years.


CEO Francis Blake’s total compensation: $10.8 million.

Average sales associate salary: $11.47.

How long a crew member would have to work to make CEO annual pay: 941,000 hours or 452 years.


CEO James Skinner’s total compensation: $8.8 million.

Average crew member salary: $7.65 an hour.

How long a crew member would have to work to make CEO annual pay: 1.1 million hours or 550 years.


CEO Larry Merlo’s: $11.4.

Average cashier salary: $8.86 an hour.

How long a crew member would have to work to make CEO annual pay: 1.3 million hours or 619 years.


CEO Michael Duke’s total compensation: $18.1 million.

Average sales associate salary: $8.84 an hour.

How long a crew member would have to work to make CEO annual pay: 2.1 million hours or 986 years.


CEO Roland Smith’s total compensation: $16.5 million.

Average crew member salary: $7.66 an hour.

How long a crew member would have to work to make CEO annual pay: 2.2 million hours or 1038 years.


CEO Gregg Steinhafel’s total compensation: $19.7 million..

Sales floor team member: $8.29.

How long a crew member would have to work to make CEO annual pay: 2.4 million hours or 1,143 years.


CEO David Novak’s total compensation: $20.4 million.

Average KFC / Pizza Hut / Taco Bell crew member: $7.50.

How long a crew member would have to work to make CEO annual pay: 2.7 million hours or 1,308 years.

Raising kids on McDonald’s wages: ‘Some days I’ve been up for 48 hours’ | Al Jazeera America


#2: Less income for the middle class 

Partly as a result of lower pay, the middle class’s share of the nation’s total income has been falling. In 1980, the middle 60 percent of households accounted for 51.7 of the country’s income. By 2011, they were less than half. Meanwhile, the top fifth of households saw their slice of the national income grow 16 percent, to 51.1 percent from 44.1 percent.


The dirt on the 1%

One Nation Underfoot.


Those with this wealth create policy and that policy benefits the elite at whatever cost to the rest of us.

The media with which we are inundated, the institutions upon which we rely and even the very food we eat are part of a system that exists solely to profit the few. Dissidents are not tolerated by the machine, whether they take the form of “radical” voices which are easily drowned out or rogue whistleblowers whom must be crushed.

Some Filthy Facts About the Rich



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Face facts fellows. You’re not a teenager anymore. A time when erections could almost be thought of as a 3rd leg. Always there, at the ready. Then you became a “man” and many of you learned how to reign in the 3rd member and use some discretion about when an where to unleash it. In those days it seemed like you could go on forever with very little effort on your part; until the day comes when it becomes an effort. You find yourself not waking up to the “tent” in the morning. You sadly discover that it takes more energy (and imagination) to get the blood (and the passion) flowing and that’s when you come face to face with what some call “the winter of discontent” aging! 

That’s right fella’s! You’re aging and with that comes a long list of changes that you will need to confront and either learn to accept and live a happy and fulfilling life, or spend the remaining days of your existence frantically looking for ways to avoid or reverse what Mother Nature endowed you with. Unfortunately many of you will end up doing the latter, thanks to Big Pharma and the marketing and sales team made up of an army of “medical experts” who work tirelessly at convincing you that, something perfectly normal and part of the aging process is some sort of horrific “dysfunction” that you must avoid at all costs (which will be plenty) both financial and emotional in order to do what? Have intercourse? Masturbate to an old issue of Playboy or Penthouse? Satisfy your partner (I doubt it)? 

If you don’t know it, there’s a perfectly natural and logical reason why the flames of passion begin to flicker and you begin to soften as you age. I’m not going to go into it here, but if you want you can read about it here; it’s called REPRODUCTION. I don’t want to be a party pooper but after you glean out all the Madison Avenue/Big Pharma hype, that’s basically what sex boils down to. If you can think back when you were in your prime I’m sure you would agree that back in those days you thought men in their 60′ and 70’s where just a bunch of horny old lechers trying to cut in on your action. Well, guess what? The shoes are now on your feet and there’s nothing that Viagra or Testim is going to do to change that harsh reality. Not even those young trophy wives that those that can afford them like to parade around with. 

So, my suggestion is this; grow up fella’s. There’s a lot more to life than 4 hour erections that no one wants to see or contend with. And, when those “medical experts” come at you with advice like in the following article that begins with usual;

Guys, it’s a fact of life that as you get older, certain physical changes can impact your performance in the bedroom. You may find yourself thinking about sex less often, your erections may not be as robust, and you may not get turned on as easily as you did when you were younger.

The good news is that there are solutions to your sexual health worries. Here’s a look at common concerns and ways to restore your sex life Men, Sex, and Aging


Quote the following;



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The “Donald’s” secret to getting rich is not a secret anymore. All you need to learn is how to screw people.

(Reuters) – New York state’s attorney general said on Sunday he has filed a $40 million lawsuit against Donald Trump and his for-profit investment school, accusing them of engaging in illegal business practices.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman alleged that the real estate mogul, a former executive and the Trump Entrepreneur Institute – called Trump University until 2010 – made false claims about classes at the school, including that Trump handpicked instructors.

“No one, no matter how rich or popular they are, has a right to scam hard-working New Yorkers,” Schneiderman said in a statement.

Donald Trump investment school sued by NY attorney general



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The Oprah’s of this world should “stop and think” about how to put their wealth to good use. $75,000 wrist watches or $38,000 purses don’t accomplish much when it comes to making our world a better place. One $50 million dollar wacko-mansion with so many bathrooms you could easily forget which one you used last could be better spent building an orphanage or recovery center for people that would be very happy with just one bathroom.  

Replace wristwatches and purses with classrooms and desks and, who knows, you might discover that the helping the human race (of which you are a member)  is a much better way to spend your money. 


Start here: How Many Children Do Not Have Access to a Classroom?