Johann Wagener 6-3-13

Pope Francis is not holding any punches in taking on the greedy who have this “cave man” mentality in hoarding their wealth. 
Catholics on the front lines of social justice struggles expressed delight at Pope Francis’ frequent references to caring for the poor, his trenchant remarks about “savage capitalism,” and his calls for government intervention to pursue the common good in the face of hostile market forces.

Pope Francis spotlights social teaching with blunt calls for ethical economy


DSM – Disordered Statistical Manual
Johann Wagener 6-2-13



If there’s a disorder here it’s the one the authors of the DSM-V suffer from. Like the Sears catalog this publication will soon end up on the floor of outhouses. 


These clowns will go to any lengths to make a buck. They pull these so-called “mental illnesses” out of their a-holes by labeling normal everyday physical and psychological experiences as a disorder. This puts the profession in the same category as witch doctors.  All they need is a straw skirt and some bones hanging around their necks. 


Caffeine withdrawal can now be added to a long list of completely absurd illnesses or conditions like the “dry eye or mouth syndrome” or the “runaway bladder”, or the “restless leg” that are conjured up in order to justify sending a bill to Medi-care or other insurance company which results in driving healthcare costs into the stratosphere. 


How can any sane person accept the notion that drinking too much coffee is a mental illness?  What about alcohol withdrawal and the hangover that follows?  That would never fly because the liquor lobby would not stand for it. How about Coke, or Tea? They have lot’s of caffeine. Why are they not part of the rhetoric? 


Caffeine Withdrawal Is Now a Mental Disorder |